About Author

Hello and welcome to Vintage Nutrition Kitchen! My name is Becky and I developed my food blog Vintage Nutrition Kitchen in 2015 due to my passion for writing, culinary nutrition and healthy recipe development. I also have an interest in antiques and vintage home decorating. My favorite treasures in my home are  antique furniture and china  passed down or gifted to me by my mother, mother in law, grandmothers or great aunts. I also enjoy shopping at antique and second hand stores to find other unique and vintage items which I plan to include in my blog.

You will see many references to my garden in some of my blogs since I enjoy gardening and nature.  I began blogging as a creative hobby after my retirement a few years ago. My first food blog was called Honeydews Kitchen and you can check that out at HoneydewsKitchen.com I enjoy writing about nutrition and plan to feature many easy to prepare as well as healthful recipes in this food blog.



I worked in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics for 30 years and was employed as an Out-patient Dietitian, Hospital Dietitian, Weight Loss Consultant at a YWCA, Head Start Nutrition Consultant and a Health Educator for a heart disease prevention and research study.

I authored my first nutrition column with a humorous theme in my college newspaper at the university I attended while majoring in Dietetics and Nutrition. I later  enjoyed authoring a bi-monthly newspaper column called Nutrition Notes for 22 years in the city that I currently reside in.